Everything is alright.

It is easy to say but increasingly difficult to implement. Nowadays, the expectations of the work world and the complexity of private life put an increasing burden on the mental well-being of employees, thus indirectly influencing their performance at work. The EAP, as a complex support program, effectively reduces workplace stress, helping employees to solve their personal problems. The EAP program reduces absences and turnover, while increasing employee commitment and physical and mental well-being. An employee of a company using the EAP program performs his job better, which means greater efficiency, higher quality, i.e. more successful work.


EAP - Comprehensive Employee Assistance Program
Support Program from CGP Europe!


Personal Advice

In case of problems, personal consultation - 5 x 50 (or 3 x 50) minutes consultation/person (each topic can be taken separately for mental, legal, financial 5/3 times - the number of problems is not limited).


Legal Orientation

Our contracted experts help you navigate the world of law, providing a way to quickly and professionally solve legal difficulties that arise in the lives of employees.


Financial Consultation

Our financial consulting service aims to help you find the best strategy for managing money and taking on responsible credit. Our advisors are knowledgeable in many financial fields.


Health Coaching

  • Personal Trainer
  • Healthy nutrition, dietetics
  • High cholesterol
  • Weightlifting Problems
  • Stress Management
  • Quitting smoking
  • Fatigue Management

Crisis Management

In the event of unexpected accidents or fatalities in the company, onsite professional support for the victims and witnesses shall be provided within 72 hours by experienced professionals.


24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

The EAP service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Employees and their eligible family members can access all EAP services for free. Well-trained counselors will answer their questions directly.


CGP Europe is continuously developing its network of advisors, focusing on the involvement of new professional subsidiaries. Therefore, the company employs more professionals on a daily basis to provide comprehensive EAP support and full regional coverage to its clients. Depending on the country or region, CGP Europe is supported directly or through other subsidiaries and partners of Lifeworks. We work with professionals who have the appropriate qualifications and experience. CGP Europe Ltd., as a contracting party, takes full responsibility for each consultation and has liability insurance for the operation.

Calmly Rely on Our experts!

In the forefront

CGP Europe leads the way in technological innovations! It offers modern solutions which combine the most advanced technological and digital strategies.


Applications available in own language

Whether it's the EAP Chat or our My EAP application, employees can use it in their own language from the first registration to the last sent message.


iOS and Android version

Our applications are available in the APP Store and Google Play stores.


Anonymous usage

Anonymous program usage is one of the most important pillars of CGP Europe's Comprehensive Employee Support Program, so whether it's a traditional or online tool, anonymity is always a basic requirement.


Comfortable and simple

No matter which application the participating employee chooses in the program, only a few clicks are needed to contact our colleague.

CGP Europe attaches great importance to environmental protection, which is why it is constantly developing digital-online solutions that can replace traditional, environmentally damaging offline devices.


Single Online
Platform, Exceptional
Content and knowledge.

Over the past years, we have developed a digital platform that not only uses but also customizes all the available online technologies, technical and digital innovations for the EAP program. We have developed it to be as flexible as possible, so it can meet all corporate needs from the simplest to the most complex solutions. Quick and easy way to access the EAP program. User-friendly design for comfortable and easy use. Continuously renewed and fresh content – related to EAP topics – both in terms of mental and physical health. Complex surveys and Video Chat help employees solve their problems on their own, using only the platform.

podcasts monitor heart mail
Starting a Mental Balance Assessment
video-chat articles
Booking an appointment for video counseling
video-chat finance law finance health_coaching
  • Articles, quizzes, podcasts and videos written and created by experienced professionals, in the hundreds.
  • Magazine-like appearance, downloadable documents, embedded links and infographics display.
  • Psychological, legal, financial, physical and general everyday life related topics.
  • Completely refreshed content that is constantly growing.
  • Monthly 'Theme of the Month' content, quarterly. Featured, exclusive content, thematically processed one topic at a time. Possibility to mark and save favorite content in the 'Profile' menu.
  • Providing Video Chat Consultation - a time slot for Video Chat Consultation can be booked in a separate menu item, and the booking can also be edited and deleted there.


The CGP Europe's Comprehensive Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers numerous benefits to companies.


Improving Employee Productivity and Performance


It is easier to retain employees.


Reducing Absenteeism at Work


Return on Investment (ROI) calculation


Early and Late Fluctuation Mitigation


Periodic Reports on the Program


Why CGP Europe?



We consider it important that our employees receive the best advice from our consultants on how to proceed in any situation. When selecting our staff, the primary criteria are a minimum of 10-15 years of professional experience and a high level of training.



The basis of the EAP service is trust. Employees who turn to our counselors can remain anonymous. If they introduce themselves or it is unavoidable to reveal their identity (for example in case of personal consultation), our colleagues handle the personal data and information related to the case with complete confidentiality and do not disclose them to third parties.



We are constantly exploring new opportunities and solutions to ensure that our products and services provide the latest and most practical and efficient assistance to your employees. We are constantly looking for new opportunities and solutions that will enable our products and services to achieve better results and greater efficiency.



Our organization guarantees that, based on our 40 years of industry experience both locally and globally, we make use of the most customized and professionally up-to-date tools and studies to ensure your success. Our 40 years of experience in the EAP field guarantees confident handling of the most diverse situations. Our experience in the sector offers customized solutions and successful programs to all of our clients.


Global operation and offices worldwide


Get in touch with us. We invite you to learn more about our EAP services, request a demonstration, or get information about any questions that may arise.