The EAP is an employer-sponsored service that aims to help employees manage their personal challenges. By providing assistance and support to employees on various issues, the program ensures their wellbeing and the maintenance of work-life balance.

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Such problems are the following:

  • Important Life Events
  • Alcohol and Drug Use
  • Financial difficulties
  • Legal Issues
  • Family and Relationship Problems
  • Workplace and Career Problems
  • Psychological Disorders

The EAP provides assistance to employees in the following ways:

  • Personal consultation with a consultant (usually a certain number of consultations per person)
  • Phone consultation (limited or unlimited number, depending on the type of program).
  • Internet tools, materials and programs that help to get through difficult times.

24-Hour Phone Service

Employees and their eligible family members can access all EAP services through a toll-free phone line. Well-trained counselors are available to answer their questions directly.

  • They explain how the EAP service works.
  • They will organize a personal survey; or
  • They organize a legal, credit management, elderly care and other services related to the coordination of work and private life.
  • They carry out intervention by phone if necessary.


The EAP counsellor and the employee discuss the problem, the circumstances and the possible solutions together. The EAP counsellor also examines how the employee's problems may affect the efficiency of their work. During the assessment:

  • They review the customer's rights, the EAP services and the issue of confidentiality.
  • They review current and related issues while assessing the worker's strengths, stress management abilities and motivation for change;
  • They assess whether there are any high-risk factors, such as substance dependence, suicidal tendencies or domestic violence.
  • They determine whether the employee's problems can be solved with short-term counseling within the EAP, or if treatment beyond the EAP is justified; and
  • They develop a solution action plan that addresses the employee's worries and issues that may affect the efficiency of their work.

Short-term Advice

Short-term counseling is most appropriate for situations related to lifestyle problems (e.g. marital problems, parenting issues, workplace stress, interpersonal communication problems, mild anxiety, grief and loss). This usually involves a certain number of counseling sessions (according to plan).

Treatment Beyond EAP

If the problem cannot be solved within the framework of the EAP, the EAP counselor will refer the employee to the most appropriate available professional for further counseling, treatment or support.

CGP Wellness

We realize this service by adjusting our programs to different needs. Wellness services and programs:

  • Health advice
  • Treatment of illness
  • Disease Prevention
  • Quitting smoking
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Training and workshops
  • Programs and Events

One-time consultation with a dietitian or fitness trainer.

Under the EAP service, we employ our own dietician and fitness trainer who are happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding nutrition and/or exercise. EAP clients have the opportunity to consult with our dietician and/or fitness trainer free of charge over the phone, as outlined in their service plan. Topics of discussion include, but are not limited to:


  • Nutrition
  • Carb Counting
  • Calorie/Nutrient Suggestions
  • Interpreting Food Labels
  • Healthy Eating Outside the Home
  • Portion Control


  • Customized training plan
  • Cardio Exercise Suggestions
  • Suggestions for Improving Endurance
  • Ideal Heart Rate
  • Individual movement risk assessment (do I need to go to the doctor?)
  • Analysis of Objectives

Every consultation is followed by a written proposal regarding further steps.

Financial Consultation

Our financial consulting service aims to help you find the best strategy for managing money and taking responsible loans. Our advisors are knowledgeable in many financial fields and can provide assistance in the following topics:

  • Handling of Revenues and Expenditures
  • Credit counseling and debt consolidation
  • Credit Review Report
  • General financial planning (due to life events such as divorce, retirement, the birth of a child, wedding or loss of a job).
  • Bankruptcy
  • Borrowing (student loan, car loan, mortgage loan and refinancing options)
  • Tax Advice

Legal Orientation

  • Legal orientation in general legal topics (e.g. real estate law, family law (children, divorce, inheritance, etc.))
  • Review of contracts and documents (we only provide review, document drafting and modification are not part of the consultancy)
  • The legal orientation is carried out with the participation of lawyers with several years of professional experience.

Maintaining the Balance between Work and Personal Life

We provide the following services to employees and their families to maintain balance:

  • Service intermediation: Our experts provide assistance in intermediating providers who help with elderly care, childcare, learning and adoption.
  • Search service: Our experts help employees and their families to find providers they may need in their daily lives (e.g. home renovation, moving, ticket purchase, procurement of special goods, restaurant reservation, hotel search or pet care).
  • Search service: Our experts help employees and their families to find providers they may need in their daily lives (e.g. home renovation, moving, ticket purchase, procurement of special goods, restaurant reservation, hotel search or pet care).
  • Unlimited number of consultations and mediations: Employees and their family members can use the program without any limits.

Crisis Situations

Advice for personal crisis:

If the employee struggles with cultural integration, workplace issues, anxiety, depression, family conflict or trauma, or other similar problems, they can quickly reach the right professional here.

Group Crisis Management

This service is typically provided when an unexpected, dramatic event affects multiple workers directly or indirectly at the workplace. The CGP EAP program provides assistance in crisis situations such as accidents, death, natural disasters and hostage situations. Following the crisis, CGP immediately contacts local providers and requests their intervention before the lack of trauma treatment has a negative impact on the workers.


Get in touch with us. We invite you to learn more about our EAP services, request a demonstration, or get information about any questions that may arise.